Edwin Eisendrath

Managing Partner


Edwin is currently leading StrateSphere’s Global Initiatives to establish Education, Innovation, and Enterprising platforms to attract and involve young adults in emerging economies. Across four continents he has helped clients achieve diverse missions: a national library, an international bank, and a major research university, a family foundation.

In eight years as a managing director at the Huron Consulting Group, Edwin led consulting engagements in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Previously, he was the Federal Administrative Receiver who led the turnaround of several troubled public housing authorities, including the nation’s worst in Chicago. He has served as regional administrator for a US Cabinet level department, a local elected official, an entrepreneur and an educator.

Edwin has led numerous complex projects from strategy through delivery. He assisted a large, diverse, state university system develop plans to realize a new set of competency based degree programs. He led the strategic and planning efforts to create a deep institutional alliance between two major research universities, in Australia and the United Kingdom. He also developed prototypes and business plans for a major public research university to reach new, non-traditional markets using online and digital technologies and assisted efforts by the faculty of a major US research university through the process of re-envisioning undergraduate education by incorporating digital, data-mining, and online technologies. Edwin led the planning and feasibility work for a new Saudi University to be financed with offset credits from military contractors, and briefed relevant governmental agencies on the plans.

Prior to joining Huron, Edwin was the vice president of academic affairs at Kendall College where he was responsible for academics, support systems, accreditation, student life, quality control, on line offerings, and major aspects of what was effectively a business turnaround. He negotiated strategic partnerships, sold a college campus, refocused academic offerings, created departments, and launched online degree programs. He helped transform Kendall from non-profit to for profit and sell it to Laureate Inc.

Prior to that, the U.S. government tasked him to develop plans and lead the takeover and turnaround the nation’s third largest public housing authority- the single largest federal takeover of a local government in U.S. history. He oversaw efforts that led to a change in statues that allowed the dismantling of the worst housing projects, the introduction of innovative job training programming, and the transformation of public housing in Chicago.