StrateSphere is a global platform design and execution company dedicated to helping our clients leverage growth opportunities in local and global economies.

We are a diverse and passionate team of entrepreneurial professionals with years of global experience in a wide range of sectors and industries. Our goal is to be a bridge that creates global connectivity and opportunity.  We build financial value for our clients, while at the same time forging positive economic impact, and empowering young adults through education in building innovative solutions to global social and economic challenges. 

Our guiding principle when developing client growth platforms is the StrateSphere Triad.


Our platform development approach begins with the acknowledgement that a growth initiative will require three key elements.

  • Innovation - Innovation is at the heart of our platform development approach in the form of next generation business models.
  • Application - We don't just theorize about business.  We dive in and apply and iterate our models as work advances. 
  • Education - A key driver of growth solutions is an educated and trained workforce.  We make this a priority on day one to ensure the the proper higher education, technical training, and workforce development programs are in place and producing the workforce that will power growth.


We partner with our clients beginning with design & packaging through delivery & execution.

Design & Packaging

Design & Packaging

  • Market Analysis
  • Business Modeling
  • Partnership Development
  • Deal Structuring

Delivery & Execution

  • Program Management
  • Fundraising
  • Company Attraction
  • Content Delivery

We work for and with private companies and public sectors in multiple geographies and industries.