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StrateSphere is an Enterprise Development company that evolves the traditional venture capital model by infusing active management, enabling small-to-medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to maximize their potential in global markets. Using blue ocean strategies, StrateSphere ventures with SMEs into uncontested markets—making competition irrelevant.

In 2007, StrateSphere launched a strategic initiative, globalizing SMEs, using Saudi Arabia as a regional hub, leveraging the firm’s competencies in strategic planning and deployment, corporate and business/market development, joint ventures, strategic alliances and execution/strategy management. 

Our Team

Our team of innovators works with you as a trusted and vested interest partner to leverage powerful knowledge and skills to drive business growth.

Tariq Farwana

Founder and Managing Director

Tariq Farwana is a seasoned executive with 20 years of experience combining Global Sourcing, Technology Transfer, and Corporate Development. He led a number of projects developing Strategic Alliances, creating Industry Specific Joint Ventures, and integrating acquisitions. He has a proven ability to foster successful business vision by leading strategic initiatives, sourcing capital, creating joint ventures and integrating acquisitions. Mr. Farwana is the Founder and Managing Partner of StrateSphere LLC, which provides management consulting, strategy execution, and global sourcing services for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Atul Saxena

Portfolio Group President

With 30 years of experience in Information Technology and over 15 years in the insurance industry, Atul Saxena joined the StrateSphere team in May 2009. He is currently responsible for existing portfolio company operations support, development of new ventures, and project management. In earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from India, Mr. Saxena's professional successes have advanced in business development and outsourcing strategy.

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Portfolio Companies

StrateSphere partners with companies to turn strategy into results - growing and globalizing small-to-medium size innovative enterprises with great success.

Global Sx Events Inc.

When the BMX Supercross format was created by members of the GSX team in 2003, the goal was to create a unique stage and a platform for the very best BMX athletes in the world to perform. Since then, the BMX Supercross World Cup has become the premier BMX racing series in the world, seen and followed by an increasing number of fans all over the world.

In 2013, GSX and Elite Trax scored “Gold” for the design of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It is the third time EliteTrax has designed the track, making it the only company the Olympic Committee has contracted with since BMX SuperCross became an Olympic sport.

GSX manages the premiere BMX racing series in the world - the UCI BMX SX World Cup. In 2013, the World Cup was broadcast in 70 territories reaching a potential of over 600 million viewers world - wide. In the USA, an exclusive one-hour special lifestyle show for Fox Sports was produced from each event, potentially reaching 55 million viewers.

GSX is passionate about BMX and BMX Supercross. The goal is to bring BMX to the next level.

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Mariposa Insurance Services

In 1995, Mariposa Insurance Services, based in Whitehouse, Ohio was founded by David Swank and Scott Lenz with the goal of being the finest multi-line insurance services company in the nation.

Mariposa Insurance Services offers a complete array of solutions to support its clients' evolving needs including catastrophe claims processing, daily claims processing, risk mitigation, and analytics. Most of these services are managed by the award-winning Mariposa Claims Management System (MCMS).

In 2013, Mariposa established a 48-state CAT and daily perils presence. As Mariposa has grown, and because of access to highly-qualified adjusters in every state, Mariposa’s response time is second to none. Mariposa has made great progress in building strategic alliances with other firms assisting each other in geographic and specialty areas where one company’s skills and presence can back fill for the other. 

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tracermedia is an interactive firm with a unique blend of visual and technical capabilities, resulting in innovative multimedia solutions for the world's leading companies and organizations. Founded in 1997 in Columbus, Ohio, tracermedia’s studio contains a talented group of interactive designers, multimedia experts, instructional designers, and traditional software development professionals.

 tracermedia focuses on developing platforms and toolsets that make it easier to rapidly deploy games and educational content allowing developers and instructional designers to focus more on the content and the user interaction versus the infrastructure behind the scenes. This unique approach, historically used in the traditional software development industry, provides tracermedia the opportunity to develop rich media games and educational software more efficiently and cost effective than most of its competitors.

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Elite Trax Inc.

EliteTrax is the premiere BMX track building company in the world, in charge of designing the 2012 Olympic BMX track, the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup and the UCI BMX World Championships.  Its mission is to progress the sport of BMX by building challenging, spectacular but yet safe tracks for professional BMX athletes, as well as creating international BMX standard tracks suitable for all ages and abilities.  

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StrateSphere Featured in Vision 2015 in Columbus CEO Magazine

StrateSphere Featured in Vision 2015 in Columbus CEO Magazine

Columbus CEO asked executives at more than a dozen dynamic local organizations how they handle competition and staffing issues, including StrateSphere's Tariq Farwana. 

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