Joseph Alutto Joins StrateSphere

Joseph Alutto, Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior at The Ohio State University, has joined the StrateSphere Advisory Board. 

Gahanna, Ohio, USA – July 25, 2016 – StrateSphere is pleased to announce that Joseph Alutto, of The Ohio State University, has joined StrateSphere as a member of the company’s Advisory Board. StrateSphere is a Gahanna, Ohio based company that specializes in empowering the next generation of professionals in emerging economies through the design and implementation of complex, fit-for-purpose public private partnerships (P3) around education, innovation, and economic transformation,


Dr. Alutto brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience from his illustrious academic and professional background. Dr. Alutto is currently a Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior, and previously served two terms as interim president of The Ohio State University.  Prior to that he served as the university’s provost, as well as holding the position of Dean of the Max M. Fischer College of Business.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois, and earned his PhD in Organizational Behavior at Cornell University.


“We are very excited about the expertise that Dr. Alutto brings to our company,” said Tariq Farwana, StrateSphere’s Founder and Managing Director.  “I have known Dr. Alutto for many years and have worked with him on various projects. I have tremendous respect for him both professionally and personally.”