Venture Highway is a comprehensive online entrepreneurship education program. 

Our programs include:

  • College courses with online reading material that replaces traditional textbooks and offers much more experiential learning.  Click here to view our courses and sample content.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship workshops and camps for high school students. 
  • Custom designed entrepreneurship programs for high schools and colleges. 
  • Online entrepreneurship courses that can be taken independently, or facilitated by an instructor. We provide curriculum, online tools (such as a Business Plan Builder and Business Model Canvas), worksheets, supplemental resources, experiential exercises, sample syllabi, quizzes and tests, and a course management dashboard for instructors.
  • Teach the Teacher program, which is a 12 hour intensive online training program that helps teachers deliver engaging and relevant entrepreneurship education programs.

Benefits of the Venture Highway Teach the Teacher program:

  • We provide initial training and certification, periodic re-certification, and ongoing professional development workshops.
  • We provide an online platform with all of the tools and resources that you need to teach a class
  • You’ll be part of a growing international network of teachers who believe that entrepreneurship education is an important tool for engaging youth in creating their own pathways to success.


Our experience:  The Venture Highway platform has been used to teach entrepreneurship at colleges, universities, and high schools around the world.  Some of our customers include: